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My Story

Well…how to begin? Um…I guess the hardest thing for any writer would be to actually get the right gears moving in your head, you know, the right stuff that keeps you going.

In my case and I’m sure in most of yours, I’m the type of person who requires a hell of a lot to get me going. I hate it when I sit down, have this mad idea in my head and then when I put pen to paper, the words don’t bring themselves to life. It’s like the pen was teasing me saying ‘haha you have an idea, but I’ll be damned if I’d write it’. Nothing irritates me more. Unfortunately for me, a few years ago I never had this problem.

All right, to begin, I started my story around four years ago with my close friend and artist Georgina Dimitriou. To us, it was all fun and games back then because questions didn’t have answers and finding them and placing them in [our work] was the easy part. For us, inspiration usually came from our everyday lives, which was actually quite interesting because we were both in most cases the same in everything, but in others totally different. So that was how it began,  with my ability to annoy people and write, and Georgina’s  amazing ability to draw. We managed to create something that would soon consume our lives.

Now let’s skip a bit of time to around last year.

NowI came to Vic Uni with some mediocre thought in my head and basically a pipe dream to create my story. Man, did reality smack me in the face harder than a bus. I didn’t realise that writing had its own set of rules and codes to follow. ‘Writing had rules?’ was the first thing that I said. I was answered with a yes and, with that, I basically lost my inspiration. So there I was at the bottom of the editing and teaching food chain. I lost confidence in my writing and deleted my whole story. Four years of work, deleted by a single push of a button (the backspace button is a helpful and evil friend). I gave up just like that. I realised that there were people in my class with their own work who tore mine to shreds, basically feeding it to the dogs and laughing with their half smiles, hiding the words ‘I couldn’t make it’.

That all changed though.

When I walked outside, a voice called my name in a friendly gesture and basically ordered me to tell them my story. That man was none other than my future writing partner Guven. He sat, listened and helped me with my work, giving me ideas on how to develop it and to push it further. It was like a dream come true: finally someone who appreciated my work in this course other than myself. I remember when we used to sit for hours brainstorming, writing and laughing with our story. It was a totally different feeling; words couldn’t describe it. For once in my life, I felt confident about my work.

So that’s what I’m basically saying, thanks to this course, I found so many people who wanted to learn more about my story and helped bring it to life. Words can’t express my gratitude to them (Guven, Maria, Sarah, Bianca and Pauline). Basically, these people became my inspiration, confidence and helped me understand that, if I didn’t take pride in my work, no one would.

So, this is the message I’d like to send to all you ‘beginners’: if you ever get stuck with an idea, remember that there are always those that are close to you who can lend an ear, remember that the teachers of this course are not there to put you down but want to see your abilities come to fruition and also remember that at the end of the day, when you’re writing for your story, if you don’t take pride in your work, no one will.

 Chris Zafiris


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