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Nick on Dialogue

Hi everyone,

Well it’s my turn to discuss with you all a part of my novel. I have chosen Dialogue, because up until I began this course, I struggled to construct dialogue that actually had a function within my stories. Highschool english and even literature, never really went in depth into the fuctions of dialogue, thus I never understood it’s real value or necessity within anyone’s novel, let alone my own.

Since undertaking my studies here, and more specifically the Novel subject, my thoughts on dialogue have drastically changed. Class workshopping, although daunting at times, has to be the best thing that this course offers. The amount of feedback and fantastic ideas I have absorbed from these classes is priceless. I gained a new insight into the relevance and importance of dialogue, not only through my own workshopping, but more importantly that of others.

I now feel my dialogue allows readers to move within my story and give insight into characters and ultimately the stories function. For this, I thank my classmates who have contributed in workshopping, and hope that my ideas and analysis of their work has been of benefit to them as there’s has been to mine.



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